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COLLECT. CLUB Membership

By becoming a member of the COLLECT. Club, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Access to the best off market deals sourced by our exclusive national sourcing network

Enjoy all the services in our ‘COLLECT. For You’ premium service package

One-to-one meetings with our dedicated consultant for a tailor-made COLLECT. investment strategy proposal 

Our team will manage the whole process in the implementation of the agreed strategy in the proposal on your behalf, so that you could enjoy being a landlord without any hassles

Access to all the fee paying services we provide at discounted prices

For details of how to join our membership, feel free to get in touch with us by email or mobile.

We are completely confident that our investment model will work for you. To abide by that promise, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee should we fail to complete at least one property deal for you during your membership term. There are no upper limits in the number of below market value properties that you could invest from our sources while you are our member. Ready to get started?
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