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COLLECT. Investments

Your financial freedom begins with Collect Investments
Reasons to invest in Property
  • Property is one of the oldest and most established asset classes. In 1950, the average UK house price was less than £1,900. Today, it rises to £230,000 which is 120 times in 70 years.

  • “Real estate builds wealth more consistently than any other asset class because of Cash Flow, Capital Growth, Leverage, Inflation over time.” – Forbes.

  • Real estate emerges world's most popular store of wealth, global net worth has boosted over the past two decades as it fueled by ballooning property prices pumped up by declining interest rates.

COLLECT. Investments

Investing in property is easier said than done.

When it comes to actually doing it, the process can become a tedious and treacherous journey. At Collect Investments, our experienced team is here to help you to become an investor without the hassles. Simply put, we’ll make your property investment journey seamless.

Collect Investments offers comprehensive services, professional advice and consultation when investing in property. Whether you are a novice or expert, our team of seasoned consultants present clients with exclusive opportunities tailored to each investor’s unique goals.

Our Services

Collect Investments offers all the services you need for your property journey from start to finish. For those seeking a completely hands-free experience, you can become our prestigious COLLECT. client and enjoy the benefits of ‘COLLECT For You’ service bring you.

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Wealth through property

Property Sourcing

RICS Survey


Design and Refurbishment


Property Management



Reasons to Invest with COLLECT. Investments

Investing in property without professional knowledge and experience can be hazard. Here at Collect Investments, we deliver value to our clients by facilitating investment outcomes without the ownership of specific costs and risks.

We are a company with an ambitious vision and a robust system. Our team of experts takes care of every stage in your property investment journey from sourcing, mortgage application, legal processes, tax planning, to property management. By dealing with us, you will be dealing with the best in class and gain the most out of your time and investment.​

Our beliefs

  • To make property Investment easy for everyone and we are here to build a long-lasting relationship with you.

  • “Getting you to financial freedom by investing in property is all we do here at COLLECT Everyday” – Lord Daniel DeWeyer Chairman Collect Property Group

Reasons to Invest in UK Property

Transparent and robust legal system, providing highest protection of wealth

  • According to Jones Lang LaSalle Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2020, UK was ranked no.1 across 94 countries and 156 city markets over the world. It was a research based on over 200 independent criteria ranging from legal compliance, monitoring, transaction, sustainability, etc. In other words, it gives certainty and predictable to investors to make more informed decisions.

Property value continues to rise

  • UK house price has witnessed a very steady growth over the past 30 years. On average, UK house price doubles every 7 to 10 years and fluctuation has been minimal despite a small drop during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

​Imbalance demand and supply

  • It is expected that the UK population will increase 3 million to 70.5 million by mid 2041, but the housing supply has been far from sufficient. The housing market across the country is severely undersupplied, and the systematic under-supply of houses will continue to fuel the increase of UK house price.​


​Rising Rents

  • The chronic undersupply of rental homes shows no sign of changing, which means that rents will continue to post above average growth rates into 2023 despite cost-of-living headwinds.

How to Start



Our initial, no obligation discussion, is an excellent first step and a way to explore the driving factors behind an investment, it can be a virtual meeting or face to face if appropriate. Having understood your timescales and goals, we will provide valuable insights and strategies that match those ambitions.

Become a COLLECT. member


Our services are provided through a charged membership program. By becoming a part of our prestigious circle of members, you will enjoy our Exclusive Membership Benefits includes:

  • One on one Consultations

  • Access to exclusive COLLECT. off-market properties

  • Access to COLLECT. Professional Services Partners ranging from solicitors, lenders, refurbishment contractors, property services providers


Contact us to find out more about COLLECT. Membership program.

Searching and securing a property


We search the top tier investment property for you through our national sourcing network. We look at significant number of opportunities and conduct all necessary due diligence to ensure all the properties that we present to you are meeting our property selection standard. Once decided, we can secure the specific property for you.


Progress to completion

Collect Investments can work closely with all the relevant parties from survey, mortgage and conveyancing on behalf of you, to get your property purchase to completion.



Refurbishment or conversion is often cited as one of the biggest challenges faced by property investors, not to mention overseas investors buying remotely. With Collect Investments, a team of architect and builder have got you covered.

Income generation


As a partner to accomplish your financial goal, we offer peace of mind when letting and managing your properties. Whether it is a single Buy-To-Let or Serviced Accommodation, we have got you covered and ensure you are receiving money into your account. That way, you can sit back, relax, enjoy life, and have more precious time with your loved ones.

Our promise

We are completely confident that our investment model will work for you. To abide by that promise, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee should we fail to complete at least one property deal for you during your membership term. There are no upper limits in the number of properties that you could invest from our sources while you are our member. Ready to get started?